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Our Design & Development Process

When marketing your app, it has to be a unique one. At Whaleez, we provide unparalleled solutions, steering your product towards success. As a pro-convergence app development company, we employ agile methodology in our projects and offer human-centric mobile app solutions by synergizing UX, smart consultation, bots, AIs, IoT and other latest technologies in the market. With being top app developers NYC, our team consists of highly experienced professionals with years of industry exposure, helping clients generate desired results within the stipulated time and budget.

Strategy & Roadmap.

Every decision we make is based on research. Before creating a solution, we evaluate the business objectives of each project, the desires of stakeholders, and balance all of it with the needs of users. We examine the competitive environment as well as the technological landscape to develop a comprehensive list of needs, features, and requirements. Your app will be unique, competitive, and reflect your brand.

Visual & UX Design

User interface and user experience design can make or break your app. That’s why we’re proud to have some of the best UI/UX experts and visual designers on our team. Our entire go-to-market process for app design and development revolves around crafting a UI/UX experience our clients can get excited about and can’t wait to put into their users’ hands.


We develop natively across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using the latest mobile technology. Our experienced team builds performance-critical mobile apps tailored to the nuances of each platform.

Launch & Monitor

The day you release your app is the first day of the rest of its life. Our teams stay with you for the entire journey, supporting projects post-release, providing maintenance and improvements as your needs evolve.

What We Build For


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iPhone App Development

Mobile Development

Relying on the latest technical standards and user-centric advancements our iOS products lay the foundation for much better user engagement. Our experienced team of designers and developers are able to create bespoke iOS mobile apps for all iOS devices, including Apple watch and TV.

Android App Development

Mobile Development

Our highly skilled Android developers craft mobile app solutions utilizing the latest technological advances, a commitment to hard work and a unique dedication to client success. Our aim is to help you deliver the products you need to stand out and take your business to a new level of success.


Hybrid Mobile App Development

Productivity, Business

Get the best of both worlds with our apps that are made to work on both iOS and Android. Our hybrid apps utilize the newest concepts and are designed to magnify your business standards and fundamentals by delivering an unparalleled experience to users. Our aim is to deliver optimized performance along with timely development and a reasonable cost.


What We Offer 

Our team of creative designers and expert developers builds extraordinary Mobile apps by getting deep into the minds of your target audience and delivering a user experience that keeps your users coming back for more. Having developed top-ranked Mobile apps for all kinds of businesses, Whaleez has perfected the art of building apps for all users love.

Mobile App Development

Beauty and power come together in native application development. Our apps improve lives, Whether you’re entering a new market or reaching new users through a different distribution platform, we can help create memorable experiences that fit in your pocket.

Roadmap & Strategy

The first step is to figure out what product is going to be developed. Our team communicates with you to discuss the product idea and comes up with the best solution. As a result of this phase, you get a product prototype (often with a ready-made design), a well-developed business logic, and a tech proposal, which includes an estimation, a project timeline and proposed tech stack.

Product Launch

Our primary task at this stage is to launch an app on the platforms. We create and fill out all the accounts in the Apple Store and/or Play Market and send your product for review. After it is checked and tested by publishers, we invite you to push the button and launch it.

User Centric Experiences

We’re all designers first in that we obsess about problems that people face and design solutions to address them. Before we build, we envision how users approach software and map out their journey, from first sight to enthusiastic evangelist.

WorldClass Support

After the product is launched on the market, we do not stop or give up a project halfway. There are two options we can go with. If your users are completely satisfied with your product, we can help you to keep it functional by making minor improvements. Alternatively, you can scale your app by adding new features to meet the needs of your audience.

Data backups

Data has become the new oil. It has to be processed and manipulated with the utmost care and support. We are the best-integrated data management services provider and our mission is to offer moral support for your business to flourish like anything. Our precise data management services make sure that the data satisfies all the definitions it needs to meet in being a perfect set of data.

Product Updates

After the deployment and App becomes live in the store, the most important is the maintenance. While others give less importance on this stage, but we consider this as the most important phase. Post deployment support is the key to make any business success or failure. We provide the best support by addressing to the new OS up gradations or version changes or launch of new devices. We also work on the enhancements based on the user feedback and changes due to the business decisions or models.

Award Winning quality

Prior to engaging in application development and design, we immerse ourselves with the client team and other stakeholders. The aim is to develop a full understanding of the business case, while documenting any requirement gaps and product pain points for future prioritization. This process improves product alignment with business goals and increases client satisfaction.

BlockChain Intergration

Build your Private Blockchain for your Business with our experienced Blockchain Technology Geeks. Our Blockchain Services includes Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, Multi chain, Smart Contract etc. From Banking and FinTech, to education and government systems we have the solutions.

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Whaleez offers robust and scalable Android application development services across various platforms and industry verticals. We provide complete end-to-end Android app development services for mission-critical Android applications demanding superior performance.


Whaleez offers robust and scalable iOS app development services across various platforms and industry verticals. We provide complete end-to-end iOS application development services for mission-critical mobile applications demanding superior performance.


Whaleez offers robust and scalable cross platform mobile app development services across various platforms and industry verticals. We provide complete end-to-end cross platform mobile app development services for mission-critical mobile applications demanding superior performance.